Thursday, November 10, 2011

It Smells Like It Should Be Snowing.

(Lookin' good!)

Hello friends!
I am so sorry we have not been keeping in touch. 
{I have had very little free time. Junior year is hard stuff.}
Today I saw the first snowflakes fall from the sky. 
I don't like snow before Thanksgiving, but as a girl in my dance class said, "Well, too bad."
[Tough love, man.]
But here is a very nice thing that will make you all warm and forget about the dreary-ness that is winter.
Wait for it...


Nutella Hot Chocolate.

Now, I know it isn't very professional of me, but there are no exact measurements for this.
(Uh probably because I made it at 3 AM with my good friends... Oops.)
We didn't have time to worry about stupid things like measuring.

So I apologize for our sleepiness that is evident in these photos.
So here we go!
FIRST! Pour some milk in a sauce pot.

NEXT! Make a funny face posing with the milk simply because it is 3AM.

[I'm so glad I have good looking friends]
Wait for it to simmer, then add in some scoops of Nutella.

It will look all gross and piecey, but keep stirring and eventually it will combine.

I added some hot chocolate mix to this just to add more chocolatey flavor and goodness.

Yeah. Then, pour it into your cups,

 and top with mini-marshmallows, and enjoy with your good friends.

And by good friends, I mean good looking friends <3

((It's okay guys I looked bad too.))

Enjoy my lovelies!
<3 Emily

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