Monday, October 3, 2011

Hi guys!

This is my first post as a food blogger! I'm so excited! 
I guess some background is required for me to get off to a good start, huh?
[Let's start with the basics.]

My name is Emily.
I am 16 years old. (Is that young enough to be called a whippersnapper?)
I am enrolled in a culinary class through my high school at the local community college.
Baking is my passion. I have known this for years now, and I'm finally fully embracing it.
I like to think that I am a free spirit, although to be honest I'm not quite sure what that means..
I work at a local bakery on the weekends.
I go to one of the best public high schools in the US. [No big deal or anything...]
{We also have the largest enrollment in the US of A} 
I get excited extremely easily. 
I have a mess of naturally curly hair.
I am not very photogenic. Example:
Um but anyway.
I like baking cupcakes the most, although I haven't in a while. I made a delicious red velvet cheesecake {Took guidance from here} similar to the one The Cheesecake Factory has, but as my friends told me, it was much better.
According to my grandpa, I make the best chocolate chip cookies.
And when they look that good in a picture, you know they taste better in real life.

Alright! So that was my little introductory post, I hope you continue to follow me as I post about my baking adventures on my way to becoming a credible foodie!

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